We believe that technology is for everybody.

Passion. Dedication. Results.

Our mission is to bridge the technology talent gap thru equipping more individuals with relevant and critical skills to launch their careers in tech.

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Learn modern web technology

JavaScript. HTML. CSS. React. NodeJS. Express. MondoDB. SQL. HTTP. Git. Algorithms. Data Structures. Problem Solving. Debugging. Test-Driven Development. Clean Code. Design Thinking.

Learn skills that are highly in-demand.


Follow your dreams

Imagine what is possible


Everyone is welcome and valued at Uplift Code Camp. We prize diversity and inclusion. We value students of any age, any gender and any ethnicity.


We teach you the skills you need to get results. Land a job. Ace an interview. Build a project. We are focused on the critical skills you need.


High quality curriculum designed by an international team of experienced software engineers. We teach how and why, not just what.

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